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Patio Walls

Download (.pdf) How-To Sheet #170

Adding lighting to your walls is easy. A wide variety of outdoor lighting options can be found on the market today. Depending on the type and style your needs will determine what lighting options are best for your project. Standard lighting options can be found at your local hardscape dealer, visit our dealer locator for more information.

For lighting that is designed specifically for patio wall use, check out IC Lights LLC. Their lighting options are designed specifically to be used with the Allan Block walls.

Adding Light to a Post

Add lighting to posts

Video: Post Lighting

Step 1:

Build the post to the desired height. You will need to cut a notch in one of the post caps to allow room for the wires.

Step 2:

Place the caps on the post, feeding the wires up through the notch.

Step 3:

Place the base of your light fixture on the caps. Pre-drill the holes and insert concrete anchors. Then attach the light base to the post cap and wire the light fixture.

Adding Light to a Patio Wall

Add lighting to patio walls

Video: Patio Wall Lighting

Step 1:

Build your wall panel to the desired height. On top of the last course of the wall, decide on the location of the light fixture.

Step 2:

At the light location, flip the AB Courtyard block over so that the raised ring is facing down. Then place the light and use a cap to temporarily hold it in place

Step 3:

Run the wire along the center of the blocks to the post. A post is a perfect spot to place your wire connections. Complete your wiring connection following the electrical guidelines for your lighting before adding caps to the top of your wall.