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interlocking walls with post

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To make strong connections between your patio wall panel and the post/pillar, you can extend the top course of wall panel into the post/pillar to interlock them together. If building a wall panel 5 courses high and taller, we recommend interlocking it into the post/pillar to help stabilize the wall.

interlocking walls and posts

interlocking walls and posts

Interlock with Corner Block

Build wall & post to desired height. Interlock will be built on 2nd to last course.

Build Post/Pillar Using Cut Corner Block

Place corner block to begin the interlock

Glue Interlocking Block

Finish post with corner blocks. The last corner block will need to be cut to fit.

Continue Gluing Interlocking Post/Pillar Course

Glue interlocking course then place last course of post blocks

Step 1: Build Wall Panel and Post/Pillar

Interlocking Walls and Posts/Pillars with AB Courtyard Diagram

Build the wall panel and the post/pillar to the desired height where they will be interlocked together. We recommend that this occurs within the top 1/3 of the wall to help with stability. See How-to sheet #190: Building Walls and Posts for information.

Step 2: Interlock

On the course to be interlocked, place a Corner Block half on the wall panel and half on the post/pillar. Slide the Corner Block so it meets up with the first raised ring on the wall panel block on the course below.

Step 3: Post/Pillar

Place three more Corner Blocks to build the post/pillar. The last Corner Block will need to be cut to fit. Measure and cut the Corner Block to fit the space. See How-to sheet #210: Cutting Corner Blocks for more information.

Step 4: Adhesive

Remove the interlocking course of blocks and secure with flexible concrete adhesive. Place a bead of adhesive along the outside edge of the Corner Blocks and along the raised ring of the wall panel block where the Corner Block interlocks the wall and post/pillar together. Now replace the blocks and finish the wall panel section for the course.

Step 5: Continue Building Courses

On the top of the interlocking course, again place a bead of flexible concrete adhesive along the outside edge of the Corner Blocks and on top of the Corner Block that interlocks them together. Finish building the post/pillar and wall panel to the desired height as done previously.

Step 6: Finish

Finish the wall with Wall and Post Caps. Secure the Wall Caps in place with a bead of flexible concrete adhesive along both sides of the raised rings and along the side of each Wall Cap. For the Post Caps, place a bead of flexible concrete adhesive along the outside edge of the top course of Corner Blocks and then set the Post Caps in place.